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Early Risk Factors: ACEs

ACEs: What Are They? ACE is an acronym for Adverse Childhood Experiences. Many health care providers and organizations who work with people affected by trauma often utilize the Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire to identify the presence of childhood traumas, as well as an individual’s possible risk for mental health disorders later in life. ACEs are events that can be experienced...[ read more ]

Trauma Informed Thanksgiving

7 Quick Tips to a More Trauma-Informed Thanksgiving While most of us look forward to the holidays with anxious anticipation and excitement, people who’ve experienced trauma and loss can often find this season painfully difficult. As we gather friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers together around the table this week, let’s be mindful of how the holidays might hit some people differently,...[ read more ]

Understanding Trauma: What Does it Look Like?

Here's a partial list of behavior problems that are possibly related to trauma: Anxiety Depression Low frustration tolerance, short fuse/temper, or may cry easily Loss of interest in goals, “don’t care” Hard time focusing or concentrating Relationship issues Frequent Fights/aggression Missing/skipping school or work Substance use/abuse Criminal behaviors   Trauma is not the only reason a student may have these...[ read more ]

Understanding Trauma: What is Trauma?

What is trauma? Trauma: Any event that is “threatening to a person’s life or physical integrity, and should include a sense of helplessness along with fear, horror, or disgust.” (Greenwald, 2013) Basically anything that feels too overwhelming, too difficult to handle, or triggers a feeling of powerlessness.  In fact, upsetting life events, such as divorce, chronic illness, car accident, adoption,...[ read more ]

Attachment: How to Determine Your Style

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Diapers to Diplomas  podcast where we discussed Attachment. I thought I’d share the information with you here on the blog today! This is a long post, if you’d rather listen on-the-go, head on over here to catch both episodes. I have ALWAYS had a heart for adoption and prayed for the...[ read more ]

Ezer and Attachment: You Call, I Come

I am amazed at just how much of God’s design is reflected in what scientists are learning about relationships, behavior, healing, and attachment. We know from scientific and behavioral studies that attachment helps to form the foundation for a child’s future relationships and learning. In order to develop trust and a foundation for secure, healthy attachment in the first year...[ read more ]

The Power of Eye Contact

The Power of Eye Contact What do your children see when they look at you? “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” “Look at me!” When your children look at you, what do they see? What is your face communicating to them? One way to engage our children and build a trusting connection with them is through eye contact....[ read more ]

When Behaviors Deteriorate

When Behaviors Deteriorate What does this child need? Behavior is communication…specifically, behavior is an attempt to communicate needs.  When I begin to notice an increase in a child’s poor behaviors, I have learned to stop and assess why by asking: What does this child need?  Often, poor behaviors stem from a need for connection with a parent or caregiver or...[ read more ]

When Your Child Gives You a Hard Time

When Your Child Gives You a Hard Time Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and I get a minor commission for referring you to Amazon via the links below, which I reinvest in various aspects of the business to better serve you. It’s Tuesday morning, you’re running late, and your child is having another...[ read more ]

7 Benefits of Online Counseling for Children, Teens, and Families

While the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased its popularity, online counseling is nothing new. It's been around for decades. However, with the increase in variety of HIPAA-Compliant video software, it has become much more accessible. Clients who have tried it are loving it. Here's the top 7 benefits of online counseling for children, teens, and families: Privacy While the stigma of...[ read more ]

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