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7 Benefits of Online Counseling for Children, Teens, and Families

7 Benefits of Online Counseling for Children, Teens, and Families

While the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased its popularity, online counseling is nothing new. It’s been around for decades. However, with the increase in variety of HIPAA-Compliant video software, it has become much more accessible. Clients who have tried it are loving it. Here’s the top 7 benefits of online counseling for children, teens, and families:


While the stigma of mental health needs is declining, many people (especially teens and tweens) still feel embarrassed about receiving therapy. Online counseling eliminates the concern about seeing someone you know in the counselor’s waiting room…and having to navigate awkward small talk. It also removes the fear that someone will recognize your car in the parking lot of the therapist’s office.


Tennessee is lacking in mental health care providers. Many rural communities have limited access to counselors. And many who dwell in larger cities may find it difficult to find a local therapist who specializes in their families’ needs or who has appointments available within the few weeks. With online counseling, all that is needed is a reliable internet access and a device, such as smart phone, tablet, or computer.


It can be hard to juggle schedules filled with school, work, extra-curricular activities, errands, social engagements, etc. With online counseling, there’s no need to travel to one more appointment! No need to worry about getting lost, running out of gas, getting stuck in traffic, increasing stress and anxiety. No commute to and from the counselor’s office to worry about, no need to cram some errands in while your child or teen is at the counselor’s office. You simply click the link at the time of your appointment, and you’re good to go! Saves you time and stress!


My clients have truly LOVED online counseling, because they can participate in therapy from the comfort of their own home. They often choose to sit in their most comfortable chair (or outside on the porch…or on their swing set!).


I have noticed that online counseling sessions progress more quickly, due to the fact that clients are meeting in a place that is familiar and safe to them. For children and teens, the computer and digital world are second nature to them. They are accustomed to chatting with friends using this medium, and they easily embrace counseling online. This takes much of the awkwardness out of the first few sessions.

Therapy On the Go

If you choose to spend a week at the lake or the kids are at Grandma’s house for a few days, therapy can still go on! As long as there’s a reliable internet access and a device to access the tele therapy link, they are able to continue meeting with their counselor.


Online counseling provides services from the safety of your own home. No need to wear a face mask or take a temperature or use hand sanitizer. No need to worry about contracting the virus in a counselor’s office or waiting room. One less thing to worry about!

Online counseling has gained popularity during this pandemic, but it is nothing new! It is an excellent option for counseling for anyone who needs quality counseling services with the convenience of a click of a button. Contact me today to see if this may be a good fit for you!

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